Xtra Effort received survey input over the holiday break from 70+ Sales, Sales Engineering, and Customer Success/PS professionals from across the USA’s major hubs.
Survey participants (including inactive, passive, and active “candidates”) selected from the below motivations to consider change in 2019:
  • Career Advancement
  • Compensation Increase
  • Technology Exposure
  • Commute
  • Territory
  • Travel
  • Company Culture
  • Company Management/Leadership Style
  • Achievable assigned objectives
Compensation was the #1 motivation, representing 29% of the responses. No surprise there.
Please contact info@xtraeffort.com if you would like to see the survey results. It is a one page pie chart.
 The data may help you with your 2019 recruiting messaging to Sales, Sales Engineering, and Customer Success/Professional Services talent .

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