Xtra Effort’s Mission

Xtra Effort’s mission is to help high growth B2B technology companies reduce the cost, frustration, and time required to hire suitable Sales, Sales Engineering, CSM, Professional Service candidates – nationally

Competitive Advantages:

Experience and Initiative: an in-depth and provocative Q&A process with clients’ allows us to identify required candidate attributes, and to also document and share our clients’ compelling attributes as employers and solution providers. This Xtra Effort process enables hiring managers to better articulate their hiring criteria, attract and qualify the best candidates, and be more effective in collaborating with their coworkers.

By documenting what is NOT specified on a candidate’s resume, we proactively help the employer see unique value in a candidate AND the red flags. The result is a big time savings and a springboard for more relevant interview questions by hiring managers.

To receive more information including an Xtra Effort client sample or candidate documentation, please contact us at 978-589-9700 or information@xtraeffort.com

FAQs for Clients

What does your service include?

Recruiting of B2B technology Sales, Sales Engineering, Customer Success, and Professional Services personnel across N. America’s major hubs. Permanent, salaried positions only (not temporary or contract positions)

What makes Xtra Effort different from other recruiting services?

Intense focus on small to medium sized, high growth enterprise technology and service companies; and their contribution to the latest in technology innovation and delivery. This enables candidates to have a more nuanced understanding of our clients’ unique value to the enterprise, and why/how their customer facing career opportunities will benefit them accordingly.

Since 2001 we have continuously honed the craft of getting to know both the comprehensive facts and the implied essence of our clients and candidates. Xtra Effort is proficient in conveying the full story behind a client and candidate, via written documentation and live communication.

Xtra Effort receives frequent praise for the quality of in-depth documentation and storytelling about clients and candidates. 

The result is more informed client and candidates, helping both have a more meaningful understanding of why they are talking to each other, before their first discussion. This enhanced understanding enables each party to have more thoughtful questions and answers, and to leave their discussion more informed and satisfied.

What universal attributes does Xtra Effort look for in its better candidates?

· Ask good questions
· Listen, don’t interrupt
· Have a documented track record of contributing sustained value for their employers
· Have the communication skills, honesty, and transparency to share their motivation for considering a change from current and previous employers
· Friendly
· Curious
· Energetic
· Driven, but team oriented
· Honest
· Articulate

What universal attributes does Xtra Effort look for in its better clients?

  • Competent and motivated to articulate what makes them special to their employees and customers
  • Show up on time for interviews
  • Provide timely and detailed candidate feedback
  • Provide timely and transparent communications about changes to their business that impact their recruiting needs
  • Understand there is a balance between insisting on the perfect candidate and the loss of revenue and customers with lost time. Have an understanding on what can be taught to a desirable but imperfect candidate, versus what cannot be taught in a timely and affordable manner
  • Appreciate that not all quality and relevant candidates look the same
  • Understand and respect the inherent risk of losing quality candidates with a lack of communication or interview timeliness

What is Xtra Effort’s business model?

Xtra Effort is a contingency-based recruiting firm. Fees are earned if an Xtra Effort candidate is hired.

Do you require an exclusive arrangement with your clients?

No, but it is often earned in an implied fashion. Satisfied clients prefer to work with fewer qualified firms to save time and confusion. Xtra Effort earns this status.

Evidence of Success & Value

Apriori Is a leading provider of product cost management software for discrete manufacturers. Apriori has required Sales, Application Consulting (pre and post sales), and Business Development personnel across N. America. Apriori has an impressive reputation for industry thought leadership and a value-add consultative approach to sales. This requires them to hire customer facing personnel with deep domain knowledge of a discrete manufacturer’s product design and manufacturing processes. Xtra Effort has identified, qualified, and secured talent with the right ingredients; including career stability, industry domain experience, team orientation, and track records for consistently and ethically achieving/surpassing assigned objectives.

CloudEndure, a provider of Disaster Recovery and Cloud Migration technology, required Sales and Sales Engineering personnel on both coasts. Suitable candidates were required to have previous success with a start up, adaptability to wear many hats, IT infrastructure domain knowledge, and the ability to inform prospects of an unknown brand on the most of their sales cycles. Xtra Effort performed comprehensive candidate and outreach to identify professionals with the appropriate skills, demeanor, and resilience required to successfully evangelize a lesser known brand. CloudEndure hired several Xtra Effort candidates who helped materially move the revenue needle, contributing towards CloudEndure being acquired by AWS.

ObserveIT provides technologies to identify user risk, detect to insider-led data breaches, and accelerate security incident response. ObserveIT’s early stage critical growth period required the hiring of a channel sales professional capable of establishing revenue producing relationships with partners.  ObserveIT also required professional services personnel with speed, communication skills, technical acumen, and agility to help onboard a high volume of new clients in a successful manner. Xtra Effort helped ObserveIT hire these critical roles early in their organizational development. The result was revenue producing partnerships and an impressive velocity of onboarded and satisfied clients, ultimately contributing to ObserveIT’s growth and exciting acquisition by Proofpoint!

Seismic Software, a leader in Sales Enablement SaaS solutions, required sales professionals capable of selling solutions that address two enterprise needs: Increasing sales effectiveness and revenue, while also insuring industry and regulatory compliance. Furthermore, suitable sales candidates needed to demonstrate domain knowledge in specific verticals, i.e., Life Sciences or Financial Services. Xtra Effort secured nationally ranked sales producers with the above attributes for Seismic.

Winshuttle is a leading provider of data management software. They have required salespeople with knowledge of Master Data Management, SAP, and Product Information Management technologies. Additionally, Winshuttle has also required a similar profile to grow their Latin American Channel. Xtra Effort has identified sales and business development professionals with the right mix of impressive sales track records, required geographic locations, domain expertise, and corporate culture suitability (i.e., team oriented, mission driven, ethical, longer term focus).