SaaS/PaaS Sales, Sales Engineers, and CSM professionals with 2+ years retention with their employer …. WHY THEM? …. WHAT IS THE VALUE?

Have you discovered that Sales, Sales Engineers, and CSM associates who remain with their employer for 2+ years achieve the following benefits for themselves and their employers:

· The employee’s relationships with their company peers (intra and inter department) are solid, resulting in more efficient communications, trust, and deal velocity?

· The employee tends to lead by example or through formal mentoring to other employees, thereby helping with their careers and on-boarding new employees, making it a better place to work for everyone involved?

· The employee’s relationships with his/her customers, partners, and prospects have matured and his/her personal brand within the territory or targeted accounts is recognized and trusted. This byproduct decreases sales cycles, improves the generation of highly qualified leads, and the retention and cross sell/upsell effectiveness?

· Sales Engineers’ have an increased library of personal and more credible experiences to reference with prospects when discussing the potential use cases, considerations for integration, etc.?

· The employee becomes easier to coach and is often more self-managed, enabling leadership to focus on on-boarding and scaling up new employees?

· These employees are often the top producers, with the best years for personal compensation and productivity?

If these benefits are real and desirable, why not make “years two+” a more recognized, valued, rewarded, and celebrated goal? It is often because the technology industry’s considerable change in leadership, business models, and organizational structure result in retention becoming a less attainable priority.

Nonetheless, there are select companies that have exceptional track records in creating 2+ year employees and benefit accordingly, including two Xtra Effort customers, Verisk and Winshuttle.

Xtra Effort interviewed two hiring managers (Glen Brooks of Verisk and Stacy Cheuvront of Winshuttle) and two of their respective employees with track records for 2+ year retention.

Our questions to the hiring executives evolve around their best practices to achieve 2+ year retention.

Our questions to the 2+ year employees evolve around how they persevere through the challenges of the first two years and how they benefit thereafter.

You may appreciate their thoughts and experiences to be helpful for your company or personal career planning.

Here is the link to the Q&A’s:

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