Healthcare Payer Communication Solutions: Sell to existing clients

Our client’s SaaS solution helps a healthcare payer become more profitable, but also seems to benefit us healthcare consumers … if you have healthcare industry sales experience and want a more altruistic sale, check it out.  It is selling to their existing client base. 

Solution: SaaS, multi modal communication analytics and services to the top 1% of healthcare payers and prescription management providers, i.e., Kaiser, Blue Cross, Tufts, Manor Care, Inc., Walgreen, Cigna, Humana, CVS/Caremark, United Healthcare. Improved corporate and end user retention, i.e., even after employee is no longer with employer but still provider choice or need payment information;  or elderly with Medicare and Medicaid provider options

Impact millions of individual behavior to drive down cost of healthcare, and improve user experience with provider

 Applied Adaptive Learning, made easy:A process to continuously monitor, measure, and learn the most effective means to communicate each individual and with several demographic groups  through:

o          Member profiling

o          Decision modeling

o          Adaptive Control

Proven measurable improvement in areas of patient care satisfaction, prescription refill rates,  retail visit to mail for prescription fulfillment, switch from brand to generic medications, enroll at-risk members in disease mgt. programs, etc.

 Hiring need: New England based sales person

 Candidates need to be: smart, high energy, Boston based, on the way up, 7-10 yr’s curious; have healthcare solutions sales background

 Deal Range = $50k – $500k

 Desired start date: 12/1

Sales Kick Off meeting: 12/15

 Quota: $2.5m


o          110 employees

o          Solutions are deployed in 90% of the top Managed Care Organizations

o          $30m in revenue

o          Financed by globally recognized VC firms

o          Original management team still leading the company – and thriving

o          Communicated with 375 million people in the past ten years

o          9 years in business

o          100% revenue growth

o          Exclusive focus on healthcare

o          First to apply consumer product analytics and communication techniques to healthcare market, but with the added distinction of being effective for healthcare consideration, examples include: a) More rapid change in person’s segment and communication preferences  b) more complex feelings related to health

 Value to healthcare payers and prescription benefit management companies:

o          Drive down costs healthcare claims

o          Improve compliance with healthcare reform

o          Improved stakeholder satisfaction and loyalty


o          Collaborative

o          High energy;

o          Success oriented, high expectations

o          Low turnover

o          Passionate and altruistic about company mission and value to society

 Compensation: $75k – $85k base salary ; $170k On Target Earnings

Majority of quota attainment is by selling additional solutions to existing clients. Leads will be surfaced through prospecting and quality communication with Professional and Customer services staff

 Sample competitors: SoundBite  and Eliza

 Why they beat their competition:

o          Lead with deep commitment to learning and sharing subject matter expertise that is centered on improved care and healthcare cost containment through superior stakeholder communication (not technology)

o          Proven expertise in providing analytics as to which sequence of media content and format (i.e., phone>email>hard copy, etc.) yield the best the communication impact for each individual and demographic group

o          Hire sales people with knowledge of managed care, prescription benefit management, and member engagement

o          Leverages speech recognition technology to create conversational interactions

 Target companies: top 1% of the largest healthcare payers and prescription benefit management companies

 Sales cycles:

Prescription benefit management: a more transactional sales cycle, i.e., to communicate the need for flu shots, prescription renewals, etc. via automated phone calls, emails, text message, hard mail drops

Managed Care: more complex, personalized and customized communication requirements, i.e., solutions to better inform higher risk customers of best course of action for drug therapy, proactive and preventative medical visits, healthy choices for diet and exercise, etc. – resulting in less ER visits and cost containment

To Apply:

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