Q4 2022/Q12023 sales team planning. Newly available talent, a blessing or a burden? … A simple tool to evaluate sales candidate fit

Your budget may be restricted to just a few Q4 hires, perhaps limited to top-grading and not team expansion.

You therefore want to make sure you get it right.

BLESSING: there is more available sales talent now than in previous quarters.

BURDEN?: Your sales and planning responsibilities limit your time and you are challenged to only interview the most suitable among the high volume of available sales candidates.

Furthermore, there may be “great candidates” who are just not a fit for your team.

Team “Fit” is often associated with the candidate’s behavior and values and the related team chemistry, requiring you to interview them.

However, fit can also be related to deal size, net new vs. farming vs. land and expand, size of prospects, types of solutions sold, prospecting experience, industries sold to, maturity of their recent employers, etc.

This LINK includes questions that may help you identify the 10% who truly warrant your time for a discussion based on fit. You can require interested candidates to complete the survey in advance of you interviewing them. Their answers will be informative and save you countless hours of time.

You can select which of these questions you deem most suitable for your operation and have the candidates’ answer them directly via email or your career’s portal; or your talent acquisition team members can ask them. You obviously would remove the column explaining the questions’ purpose.

You may want to reference their answers when interviewing the candidates selected for consideration.

I hope they help. I welcome your feedback.


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