Below is a summary of the technologies for Xtra Effort’s current client hiring requirements including Xtra Effort’s observations. 


Also included is a link to a spreadsheet that enables you to sort and seek Xtra Effort’s current client hiring requirements by role, technology, compensation, and solution offering.


We hope it helps inform you of what is hot and the associated compensation.


As a reminder, Xtra Effort’s focus is helping high growth, enterprise scale technology and technology service companies hire Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services/Customer Care personnel across the larger USA cities.


Types of Enterprise Client Solutions

  • BPM
  • Procurement
  • VDI Performance Mgt.
  • Data Analytics
  • Platform As A Service;DB
  • Technology Consulting, Mobile
  • User Experience Mgt.
  • Video Mgt. for Media Co.’s
  • Security: application, data, user,cloud
  • Workforce Mgt.
  • Data Storage mgt.
  • Collaboration, telepresence, Unified
  • Syndicated Research
  • IT Project Mgt & Architecture
  • Life Science Supply Chain Mgt.
  • Platform As a Service;SwDev
  • Compliance, Quality, Risk Mgt.
  • Service Desk Mgt.
  • Mobile User Experience Mgt.
  • SW Asset Mgt
  • DevOps automation
  • Application Dev Consulting
  • Incident Response Mgt.




  • Compensation structures remain the same across geographies with the exception of San Francisco and NYC
  • Hiring Demand in the Southeast is up
  • Software to help enterprise IT better service its stakeholders (internal users and external customers) is hot
  • Software to help recognize and reduce risk, of any kind, is hot
  • Companies that sell & implement IT hardware seem to be experiencing less growth unless they also provide Cloud IT Infrastructure Consultation and Managed Services
  • Software field sales roles often still pay $120k – $130k base salaries, but there are  exceptions down to $80k and up to $150k; Hybrid Inside/field sales roles are getting more popular with $75k – $100k base and 80% of the sales cycle being virtual
  • “Experienced” Inside Sales people with 3 – 5 years of full sales cycles experience are demanding and getting salaries of $70k. $60k is no longer the norm; the exceptions are start-ups with enough $, momentum, and leadership talent to create their own college hiring and training programs with credible inside career path programs that include the following roles and migration path: produce or qualify leads>further qualify and/or close deals>lead other qualifiers or lead other closers. Trish Bertuzzi’s Book The Sales Development Playbook provides an excellent explanation of these specialized roles, among several other helpful topics. I recommend it.




Alternatively, please see XTRA EFFORT’S CANDIDATE PORTAL to see current open client hiring requirements across the USA.

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