Your clients expect great listening skills … it is the little things that count


Your clients desire to take your call, have lunch, and do business with you is largely impacted by how you listened in your last interaction.

Xta Effort has been subscribing to TopProducer recruiting training by Barbara Bruno.

Barbara has a module dedicated to listening skills.  Included is a section on what irrittes clients. Like most training, I already know 80%, but will benefit from being reminded of 80% of the content.  Perhaps you will too.

Below is an excerpt.


Almost 100% of your initial contacts with a prospective client are by telephone. HOW YOU LISTEN can make or break your marketing efforts. It also enables you to gather information. This will help you with subsequent contacts, until you secure this individual as a client. Remember the importance of establishing RAPPORT with CLIENTS!
The MAJOR SHORTCOMING OF SALESPEOPLE TODAY, as reported by the National Society of Sales Training Executives, was a RESOUNDING unanimous POOR LISTENING SKILLS.


  • You do most of the TALKING
  • You interrupt when your client is speaking
  • You never look at the person talking, or indicate that you are listening
  • You toy with a pen, paper, or some item while talking
  • You appear too intense or too serious
  • You change what others say by putting words in their mouth
  • You put people on the defensive side by your questions
  • You stay on one subject too long
  • You start to DATE issues before your client is finished
  • You finish sentences if there is a pause
  • You wait impatiently for your client to finish speaking and your impatience is obvious
  • You overdo the feedback and you give too many nods and “uh-huhs”
  • You act as a know it all, frequently relating your knowledge
  • You make judgments about people while they speak
  • You feel OBLIGATED to listen rather than display a sincere interest and empathy

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