Xtra Effort’s Goal

Xtra Effort’s goal is to enable you as a passive or active candidate to keep informed of suitable positions, based on your location, aspirations, experience, compensation, and skills. Our portal provides you with a high level view of existing roles, including an option to communicate interest or apply for a position. Positions include Sales, Sales Engineering, Professional Services, and their associated Leadership Positions – nationally. Xtra Effort also recognizes the importance of live communication. We encourage phone discussions and visits to our Westford office when warranted. We often receive favorable feedback about our coaching and collaborating services from candidates who are engaged in the interview, negotiation, and employer transition processes. We hope you agree and look forward to working with you!

FAQs for Candidates

What does your service include?

Recruiting of B2B technology Sales, Sales Engineering, Customer Success, and Professional Services
personnel across N. America’s major hubs. Permanent, salaried positions only (not temporary or contract positions)

What makes Xtra Effort different from other recruiting services?

Intense focus on small to medium sized, high growth enterprise technology and service companies; and their contribution to the latest in technology innovation and delivery. This enables candidates to have a more nuanced understanding of our clients’ unique value to the enterprise, and why/how their customer facing career opportunities will benefit them accordingly.

Since 2001 we have continuously honed the craft of getting to know both the comprehensive facts and the implied essence of our clients and candidates. Xtra Effort is proficient in conveying the full story behind a client and candidate, via written documentation and live communication.

Xtra Effort receives frequent praise for the quality of in-depth documentation and storytelling about clients and candidates.

The result is more informed client and candidates, helping both have a more meaningful understanding of why they are talking to each other, before their first discussion. This enhanced understanding enables each party to have more thoughtful questions and answers, and to leave their discussion more informed and satisfied.

What universal attributes does Xtra Effort look for in its better candidates?

· Ask good questions
· Listen, don’t interrupt
· Have a documented track record of sustained value for their employers
· Have the communication skills, honesty, and transparency to share their motivation for considering a change from current and previous employers
· Friendly
· Curious
· Energetic
· Driven, but team oriented
· Honest
· Articulate