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Each new-hire represents an opportunity to produce extraordinary business results if the right mix of ingredients is found. Sensitivity to a client team’s culture, goals, market segment, work style, and challenges must be genuinely present with each requirement.

Approach each client job requirement with the understanding that subject matter expertise and a personal
rolodex only represent 50% of a suitable candidate.

A candidate’s definition of an excellent day, month, or year must be learned.

We strive to learn each candidate’s need for their own unique mix of:

  • Instant gratification versus strategic value
  • Teamwork versus individuality
  • Dynamic versus predictable project priorities
  • Creating versus executing

Since 2001, Xtra Effort Solutions, a contingency based recruiting firm, has been helping technology-centric companies identify and hire hundreds of Sales, Sales Engineers and Professional Service employees. These employees are selling and delivering millions of dollars in revenue.

Clients appreciate our leadership team’s previous experience in direct sales and service roles within technology companies and consulting organizations, including start-ups. The result is a more informed process of understanding client hiring requirements and candidate needs.

Xtra Effort frequently receives feedback “that we are different” because of our industry knowledge and collaborative process.

Please let us know how Xtra Effort can help you.

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