The data is comprised of Xtra Effort’s last 28 client hires and includes locationcandidate tenureclient technology/service, and employer size. Xtra Effort recent clients are small to medium sized, technology focused, companies from the USA, Europe, and Israel.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DATA. IT IS ON A SPREADSHEET and includes base salaries only. However, as a general rule, the On Target Earnings are almost always 2x the Salary for Sales personnel, and 1.3 x Salary for Sales Engineering.
Quotas are typically $600k to $1m for inside sales, and $1m to $1.5m for field sales ($2m+ quotas not uncommon, particularly for roles with established clients to “farm” and $500k+ total contract values).
Xtra Effort observations: although there is an unsurprising relationship between candidate tenure and greater salaries …
a) After 15 years tenure, it has a considerable diminishing impact on compensation
b) There are instances of candidates with just 5-10 years of experience with greater salaries than those with 20+. We believe it is because those candidates obviously have exceptional results – AND – a strong sense of self worth/commanding presence and they join companies with similar cultural dispositions and expectations.

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