2010 Sales & PS planning for small Tech. Co.s

Would your planning be more productive if you had access to several other small technology centric companies’s 2010 expectations?

Specifically, how SaaS, Cloud Computing, Web 2.0, outsourcing, and other new factors influence:

1) Required Sales to Sales Engineering ratios?

2) Inside sales to field sales?

3) The necessity of Proof-of-Concepts? Are they paid or not paid?

4) How much face to face communication will be required during the implementation process?

5) What role will channel partners play in sourcing and delivering new clients?

6) Will third party demand generation/appointment services be engaged?

7) What % of your hiring will be expansion versus topgrading?

8) What % of your sales and marketing budget will be dedicated to Social Networking marketing activities?

9) Will you be dedicating a whole, half, or quarter of an FTE to support Social networking marketing technologies?

If you could have the answers to these nine questions, would it be helpful in creating or rationalizing your 2010 plans?

If “Yes” please reply with your own answers to markrodman@xtraeffort.com . When sufficient feedback (ideally 50+ responses) is gathered, we will collect the data and send you meaningful information for improved 2010 planning.

All data will remain confidential and will only be shared in a summary fashion.

Your collective (as a group of 1400 CEO’s and VP’s) speed in answering the above questions will impact how fast you receive the results.

Thank you.


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