Below is a link to Xtra Effort’s client hiring needs for the month of July.   It’s in a spreadsheet format.

As a reminder/frame of reference, Xtra Effort clients are high growth, enterprise scale technology companies (products and services) that hire Sales, Sales Engineers, and Professional Services personnel throughout the USA’s major hubs.

 The data may help you with your own planning, or at least provide a comparison. The URLs represent snapshots of each client’s hiring requirement; including compensation, criteria, company information, and solution detail.

 We encourage you to apply where you see solid alignment between your experience and the stated client criteria.


 Please request an emailed version of the spreadsheet if you have difficulty with the link. 

 Xtra Effort has observed the following recent patterns about our clients:

  •  SaaS application companies are creating and selling purpose built applications for specific industries or enterprise functions, i.e., finance, marketing, sales, CPG, retail, etc.. Selling a powerful platform with many potential solution offerings has proven to be excessively difficult for a company without an established brand because selling cycles become burdened with directionless solution discovery and proposals without an obvious ROI.  A Sales 2.0 model  – including a junior inside sales team and expectations of high deal velocity – will therefore only see success with a relatively specific value proposition, otherwise more mature field sales people remain required to sell a platform or deals that exceed $300k (previously $100k+ just a few years ago).


  • Solution Offerings often INCLUDE “Big Data” and mobility as key aspects of their solutions, but these attributes are not the major emphasis of their clients’ needs. They DON’T need “Big Data”, they NEED more loyal customers, a quicker understanding of their sources of productivity, etc.


  • IT infrastructure technology and related service companies continue to thrive because of virtualization and the cloud. Although enterprises may be buying less hardware within their data centers, they need software to better manage technology spread out across the world, while still achieving objectives of flexibility, scale, user productivity/performance, security and agility.


As an FYI, Xtra Effort’s $500 Gift Certificate Candidate Referral program continues to benefit both clients and candidates.

Have a great 4th of July and summer!


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