A quick update on hiring activity among high growth enterprise technology companies for the first six weeks of 2014

A quick update on hiring activity among high growth enterprise technology companies for the first six weeks of 2014. 


    • More hiring activity now than the end of Q4 2013

    • Candidates are being contacted more frequently, and by more recruiters and hiring managers …

    • … but yet there are more candidates recently released from their companies now than in Q1 2013 … like two opposing tides

    • … hiring managers and HR staff may therefore want to be alert for quality candidates adversely impacted by uncontrollable event, even if you don’t have a specific budgeted requirement at this time (be flexible and opportunistic)

    • Hiring managers have begun to relax their insistence on candidates having the exact industry/technology skills, while being uncompromising on worth ethic, chemistry, aptitude and communication skills.  The benefit is greater team fit, retention, cohesion, and value

    • Unexpected turnover among new hires is on the increase.  Candidates with quirky or non-committal  behavior should NOT be hired, despite having charm and the perfect resume.   TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. Candidates with transparent behavior and deep interest in your company should  receive higher consideration than the less committed with higher pedigree. 

Most sought after profiles:  

Sales candidates with 3 – 12 years enterprise sales experience, only two to four jobs since graduating college with a four year degree. Unblemished quota achievement. 

Sales Engineers and Professional Service technical consultants: with 3 – 12 years enterprise experience since graduating with a computer science degree, customer interaction experience, and a mix of coding/database/web & mobile infrastructure skills; only two to four jobs since graduating college 

The above two profiles represent a very small % of a vibrant/capable workforce. They are getting contacted all day every day, while candidates with 15 – 25 years of experience are often discarded as “uncoachable”, unmotivated, or deficient of the most modern skills.  A suggestion is to develop an efficient interview process that objectively evaluates candidate energy level, aptitude, commitment, and adaptability … and you may discover a bigger population of qualified and loyal candidates (of all ages and backgrounds

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