Anyone capable of creating charts of this March’s Xtra Effort Enterprise Technology Client Sales, Sales Engineering, and PS Hiring Requirements?

Xtra Effort March Enterprise Technology Client Sales_Sales Engineering_and PS Hiring Requirements provides safe access to an Excel spreadsheet that summarizes Xtra Effort’s current enterprise technology client Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services Recruiting requirements – nationally.

It includes 47 job requirements across 29 unique clients.

The Columns:
-Category of need, i.e., Sales versus Sales Engineering versus Professional Services
Solution Category
-Position Title/Position Category 
Base salary
On Target Earnings
-% of overnight travel
-Links to review and apply

Anyone capable of creating a few simple charts that would visually summarize the Category of need, Solution Category, Position Category, Base salary, Region, On Target Earnings ? (we are not capable, and would appreciate the help)

If you are up to the challenge, email the results to We will credit you with your fine workmanship and provide the charts for all to use.



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