Book Suggestion: Beyond Positive Thinking; by Robert Anthony

I just finished the book, “Beyond Positive Thinking” by Robert Anthony. A must read. I particularly like his thoughts on finding your joy and living in the Now, in addition to MUCH more quality content.


It just occurred to me that I should not confuse telling others about the book with actually IMPLEMENTING his ideas! 🙂

For me;

1) RECOGNIZE and rid OBSTACLES to your goals, i.e., just don’t say Xtra Effort is going to make ‘X’ placements in 2010 over and over again, but review what has been getting in the way, and remove it.

2) Be in the Present, don’t fret/obsess over the future or past, i.e., remind yourself, “what real problems do I actually have NOW?” The answer is likely to be none. When real problems occur, our natural intuition kicks in real-time and will solves it. Otherwise stay in the present. It is like untying an emotional anchor of BS, i.e., “who really cares what my boss, family, friend, customer, or employee said about me two months, or might think of me if I screw this up”

3) Find your joys and incorporate them into your work life, family, and friends. In other words, feel righteous about what makes you productive and jazzed. I was fortunate years ago to create Xtra Effort, it represents self expression, risk/reward, informality, and a non-political approach to work culture. I had to walk away from security, formal leadership, a big brand name, benefits, etc., but it was clearly worthwhile. Yes, I no longer coach my kids sports, and I do cycle for fours on a Saturday morning, but when I return, I am “in the moment” and more alive (AND OF VALUE TO THOSE AROUND ME) than living in accordance with someone else’s standards.

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