Converting “A” Player Candidates to Employees

You invest in recruiters, advertising, Linkedin, Indeed, and a talent acquisition team. You discover the elusive and sought after ‘A’ player, capture her interest, but then lose her to your competitor.

What happened?
Perhaps a hiring manager’s charisma and his initial rapport with your candidate is not enough in today’s market?
Instead, treat the Interview process likes a sales campaign, starting with a comprehensive Candidate Discovery Session.

This is important because candidates have so many choices, and interview cycles can include several meetings over a 3+- week period. Candidates may lose sight of why they were originally interested in your company and role. This is especially true if their sense of rapport with your employment brand dissipates because the hiring manager is traveling or becomes too removed from the remaining candidate evaluation steps.

A point person needs to be assigned to owning the candidate evaluation/selling process. It is typically somebody from talent acquisition or the hiring manager.

This point person needs to identify and document the following items (select items will be more relevant than others, depending on the position, i.e., Sales vs. Sales Engineering vs. PS vs. CSM)

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