Enterprise Technology Hiring Managers: Belichick’s contrarian approach to recruiting may be helpful to you

Xtra Effort has discovered that some of our more innovative and successful clients have embraced an approach to identifying talent that echoes Belichick. Specifically, to  have a deep understanding of what skills are truly needed for success within a given time period, process, and role. This helps them better SEE the right talent at the right time, and prevents them from ignoring great talent because the candidate does not fit a fixed mold.

The metaphor may quickly become apparent to you within this article. It is a great read.

If a top sales person consistently surpasses quota, generates exceptional net new logos, and earns 2x his/her base salary … should they be disregarded because they have more than three jobs in the past six years within the start-up ecosystem or because you are unfamiliar with their employer names? 🙂


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