Excellent article on hiring successful sales candidates

An Xtra Effort client recently shared this article from OpenView Venture Partners. I found it to be insightful and informative

My takeaways:

  • Remember that sales people value compensation “because they see compensation as a result, not an end.” … it $ serves as a measuring stick for their contribution … so make sure they see a company that values their contribution and creates a clear path for them to contribute
  • Be clear about conveying the mission of the company
  • Create and communicate continuous Opportunities For Growth
  • Keep A+ salespeople engaged
  • Have goals that are achievable, well-defined, easy to digest,  and transparent
  • Have a strong and trustworthy leadership team that engages its employees, and can create a credible and compelling vision for the candidate to hear and feel
  • Make sure the interview process enables candidates to experience the company’s culture and diverse operations (not just sales) . Be super honest about the good and bad, including the onboarding process and metrics
  • Insure the on-boarding process is high touch


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