Initial interview suggestions for the shy, introverted, and technical Sales Engineer or Professional Services candidate

Companies that hire professionals with CUSTOMER FACING responsibilities often look for candidates with warm, positive, energetic, and welcoming personalities.
The first phone interview is a crucial gate for the candidate to pass before being further considered. This can be punishing for the more introverted, shy, or technical candidate because their sincerity, value, and integrity may be overlooked without a strong first impression.
Candidates can’t change their DNA, upbringing, or personalities, but they CAN:
1) SMILE when on the phone. This simple behavior makes the listener sense that you are warm, positive, and energetic
2) Answer the phone, with “Hi, this is John”, NOT “Hello?”Again, this helps the listener feel good about the ensuing conversation
3) Have your TOP goals of the conversation be that the person on the other end of the phone can:
  • HEAR you (speak up with sufficient volume)
  • UNDERSTAND you (speak with a cadence that is not too fast; ASK THEM if you answered their question)
4) Ask questions with ENTHUSIASM about the role, the company, why the role is open, and the best possible outcome of an optimal hire’s impact on the department/company
These are simple tips that will help you pass gate #1 to interviews where your knowledge and historic work results can speak for themselves… but you first must past gate #1!

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