Killer Apps with undeniable and hard ROI’s

By coincidence, Xtra Effort is working with two clients whose sales transactions are partially fueled by the down economy.

Our first client provides software that analyzes banking transactions and detects fraud.

The second client provides software that analyzes enterprise accounts payable, expense reimbursement, and procurement related activity on a real time basis. The outcome is cash leak prevention by stopping erroneous transactions (whether they are fraudulent or unintentional).

Both companies have hard dollar return on investments within six months of installation.

These solutions are not to be confused with more the common compliance, role segmentation, or audit technologies – although their customers receive this functionality as a secondary benefit.

In today’s econonmy, enterprises’ can’t help but to investigate and often purchase their solutions because they provide a near definite means to drive more cash to the bottomline. What a way to create a hero out of your customer!

The challenge of course is getting the enterprise’s attention, and proving vendor viability and solution legitimacy (no easy tasks). However, once the proper enterprise executives are engaged and due diligence is executed, the results speak for themselves.

Both clients have several globally recognized enterprise customers who serve as showcase references.

Separately, in the same spirit of ROI, Xtra Effort is also working with a company who specializes in helping the hospitality industry improve their e-mail marketing effectiveness. Although it does not have the same hard cash ROI as the above companies, hotels, cruise lines, and casinos are enjoying the superior cost effectiveness of e-mail marketing as compared to traditional print marketing only. represents a link to specific Xtra Effort client career opportunities.

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