Planning for 2017 compensation for your Enterprise Sales, SE’s, & Services? Xtra Effort 2016 client hiring data may help you

Employers may benefit from seeing what their peer technology companies are offering for salaries and On Target Earnings for their Sales, Sales Engineering, and Service positions across the USA.
This no charge list is a simple compilation of Xtra Effort’s client hiring requirements during the last twelve months.  It includes each position’s:
  • Location
  • Originally Budgeted Salary
  • On Target Earnings
  • Title
  • Technology Solution
The list may help a management team plan for their 2017 compensation.
Xtra Effort’s clients are high growth Business to Business enterprise technology companies, typically with $5m – $500m in sales and 25 – 1000 employees (with exceptions). We help them hire candidates across the USA’s major hubs.
Our headquarters are located in Westford, MA, and we have been operating since 2001.
*Types of technology companies that seem to be growing & hiring:
  • SaaS designed to improve business-to-business Sales productivity
  • Cyber threat detection technology
  • Analytic technologies to power cloud specific security, data back up, IT management, and technology performance management
  • Platform-as-a-Service companies for cloud and mobile application development and integration
  • Voice of the Customer and Marketing automation SaaS companies
*Actual negotiated salaries are 5% – 20% higher than what the positions were originally budgeted (or at least originally communicated to Xtra Effort)
*Customer Success seems to be becoming a more strategic function (more hiring as a standalone organization) for purposes of client renewals, user and solution adoption, and revenue growth
*Candidates with more than 5 years of experience value equity again
*Candidates with less than 5 years of experience seem to truly dislike communicating over the phone 🙂

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