Rosemarie Amodeo and Xtra Effort’s expansion

Let me tell you about Rosemarie Amodeo of Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc.

She cares a lot about her own goals and Xtra Effort’s wellbeing. To Rosemarie, “caring” means the relentless and ethical pursuit of the most worthwhile weekly, monthly, and quarterly objectives to achieve results.

Rosemarie, likes all sales people, recruiters, and entrepreneurs, incurs temporary setbacks, but always bounces back with an expectation for a better tomorrow.   Her courage and high energy drive her to envision a better future,  the outcome is a  mix of quality activity, business outcomes, and satisfied external stakeholders.

For the past eight years with Xtra Effort, Rosemarie has contributed to exceptional customer and candidate satisfaction.

Thank you Rosemarie!

Xtra Effort has learned to ask its clients to describe their best employees. The result is a more granular and colorful description of the essence of what they want in their next hire.  Like all growth businesses, Xtra Effort also needs to hire quality professionals to best service its customers and candidates.

Please contact me if you or a suitable acquaintance would like to learn more about daily work life at Xtra Effort and the related rewards.

Thank you.


Mark Rodman


Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc.



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