Snapshot of Xtra Effort client hiring requirements

Xtra Effort periodically releases a snapshot of our clients’ current day hiring requirements. It may give you further insight into today’s compensation and hot technologies, at least among small to medium sized, high growth technology product and service companies’ Sales, Sales Engineering, and Customer Success hiring needs across N. America (Xtra Effort’s focus)
CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE SNAPSHOT. It is an Excel spreadsheet format, enabling you to sort by location, compensation, technology, etc.; and drill into each career opportunity’s detail via a URL link*.
Xtra Effort observations:

  • Hot technologies: product costing software, trade promotion and pricing management software, cyber security software, software for P&C insurance companies, master data management software, consumer analytic (via AI) software for retailers
  • Locations: all major hubs
  • AI,Machine Learning, and IoT continue to be embedded into lots of purpose built SaaS applications  (not just sold as independent platforms)
  • Manufacturers are being targeted with increasing frequency by technology companies for use cases related to product design, physical asset maintenance, and supply chain
  • Field Sales compensation, a mixed message: This particular snapshot in time does not represent an abundance of $150k base salaries, however we see plenty of field sales professionals with $140k to $150k base salaries. Yet there are still quality companies hiring quality talent at $130k+- base salaries, per this snapshot. The “devil is often in the details” relative to demand generation support, historical team quota achievement, on target earnings, territory/named accounts, etc.

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