Summary of recruiting needs across Xtra Effort clients

Xtra Effort has seen considerable investment in technology companies whose solutions are directly related to data analytics, data management, and data integration. 
IOT, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning … call it what you will, there is a LOT of investment and hiring from the data technologies sector.
Some technology companies are not in the data management/analytics per se, but their new age competitive advantage is all about embedding data analytics into their purpose-built application for marketing, risk management, supply chain, manufacturing, etc..
The platform technology companies sell data analytics, integration, quality, etc., but not for an express business need. Instead, they require their Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Solution teams to work with customers to identify where and how the technology will provide business value. No wonder the Chief Data Officer seem to be a hot target among technology companies today.
Cyber security technology companies continue to hire, despite select candidates speaking of it becoming a “crowded” segment, with confusion and burnout among CISO’s.
PLEASE CLICK HERE for a spreadsheet of Xtra Effort’s current customer hiring requirements of Sales, Sales Engineering, Customer Success, Sales Operations, and Professional Services personnel. It includes:
  • Title
  • Location
  • Compensation
  • Criteria
  • Links to Xtra Effort summaries of interview notes with the hiring managers
You may find it to be informative.

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