Summary of Xtra Effort client hiring data including compensation, location, and hot technologies

As a recruiting firm for high growth enterprise scale technology product and service/consulting companies, Xtra Effort is frequently asked “What is HOT”?

This message should answer that question. It summarizes Xtra Effort’s current client hiring requirements, including:

  • Solution Offering
  • Title/role
  • Compensation
  • Location
  • Client’s Criteria for Candidate to be considered

You may find it to be helpful to stay current with popular enterprise technology initiatives, hiring demand, and compensation trends.

Hiring activity is robust with the caveat that small to medium sized companies continue to demand both functional skills, i.e., “Experienced/Successful with Enterprise sales”; AND very specific domain/industry experience, i.e., “Deep knowledge and relationships within the Call Center technology segment AND financial services industry”.

It reminds me of attending my children’s high school guidance counselor presentation in the auditorium. The guidance counselor said “Many of you may be feeling anxious about the college application process, but let me assure you, there is a suitable college for everyone here. You just need to be honest with your experiences, abilities, and needs. Be sure to persevere, be diligent, and patient. Don’t let your peers’ choices influence what is best for you”.  I thought this was excellent advice and was motivational for all of us.

Unfortunately, Xtra Effort does not represent every company and job on this planet, but perhaps we can add value with a suitable career opportunity if there is alignment in timing, location, your current predisposition towards considering change, and our clients’ specific required request for select skills and experiences.

In the interim the below content may just be helpful to you as information unto itself.

See LINK 1 for real time access to Xtra Effort’s current client hiring requirements for SALES, PRESALES/SALES ENGINEERING, and PROFESSIONAL SERVICE roles across the USA; it is dynamically updated.

You can also see an Excel spreadsheet summary via  Link2, its information is static and not dynamically updated.

We currently see the following technologies and related services to be “HOT”:

  • Enabling and managing CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE and APPLICATIONS: including migrations, security, cost containment, & performance monitoring
  • DATA ANALYTICS and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE for: cyber security, customer experience, field service automation, marketing and product management productivity, manufacturing, facility management … with mobile devices often be part of the solution delivery
  • SaaS SOLUTIONS for B2B selling and marketing

Thank you.


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