Summary of Xtra Effort clients’ current hiring demand across enterprise Sales, Sales Engineering, and Customer Success

Xtra Effort periodically shares our clients’ hiring requirements across the USA in the form a spreadsheet. It will inform you as to what is hot from an enterprise technology and hiring demand perspective, particularly within Xtra Effort’s client market: high growth information technology product or service companies.

The majority of our clients range in revenue from $5m to $1b and are often VC or Private Equity backed (with exceptions). Xtra Effort clients are led by accomplished executive teams and often scale to the point where they are ultimately acquired or go public.

Xtra Effort helps our clients hire individual contributors and leaders across Sales, Sales Alliances/Partnerships, Sales Engineering, and Customer Success roles.

The spreadsheet’s far right-hand column contains URL links to each job’s descriptions, including the solution offering, company size, sales support, deal size, # of customers/client base revenue per CSM, POC responsibilities, quotas, role responsibilities, criteria, and other details.

(compensation and locations are deliberately removed because our clients want to remain flexible. Email us @ for more specific commentary a specific job requirement’s compensation and location)

Click here for access.

XE’s approach to referrals is to provide enough detail to help your acquaintances learn about career opportunities without unwanted communication from Xtra Effort 🙂

Please share and see regarding our $500 Candidate Referral Gift Certificate Program.

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