Summer 2009 Client Hiring data

Many clients and candidates continue to frequently ask, “what are you seeing out there?” Xtra Effort client hiring demand was better than expected, particularly for the Summer season.

Data center, database, and application infrastructure companies seem to request the most hiring assistance, followed by niche SAAS companies.

Traditional client site installed business application software has generated less demand – no surprise. Solutions related to fraud prevention seem to capture candidates’ attention.

What is a surprise is candidate resistance to change employers, despite being presented with more compelling companies, compensation, and solutions.

Hiring managers are just starting to more seriously consider portions of the unemployed population to be desirable. It’s probably attributable to seeing high quality coworkers and neighbors be impacted by reduction-in-forces.

At least those currently not working don’t represent the risk of delayed start times and counter offers, etc. 🙂 Hiring demand for West Coast candidates has increased.

Compensation has not lessened, nor has it increased. It is flat. Equity is – once again (think 2002) – is considered gravy only, and not a reason to change employers.

We hope the data is a useful reference for you when reviewing your Sales, PreSales, and Professional Service hiring activity.

STATE: MA Web 2.0 for elearning and CRM Sr. Sales, Inside Sales $75k base; $130 OTE

STATE: CA Fraud Prevention Software Account Executive, Northeast; Fraud Preven. SW $125k base; $250k OTE

STATE: MA Open Source software Inside Sales Rep $60k base; $120k OTE

STATE: Major Hub Risk Mgt. Analytic Services for Ins. Industry Account Manager $80k base; $150k OTE

STATE: TX ETL Software Account Executive, Texas $100k base; $250k OTE

STATE: CA Data Storage Cloud Services Sales Engineer, $135k base; $165k OTE

STATE: CA Appliance for middle market Systems mgt. Sales Engineer $95k base; $135k OTE

STATE: Any Major Hub SW as a Service for Transportation Operations & CRM Systems Engineer $80k base; $115k OTE

STATE: MA Data DeDuplication Appliances Account Executive, Boston $100k base; $250k OTE

STATE: MA SW as a Service for secure document mgt outside the Firewall Account executive $95k base; $180k OTE

STATE: MA Web analytics Email Systems Administrator TBD

STATE: Central Midwest: SOA and application Integration technology Account Executive $95k base; $190k OTE

STATE: NY Treasury Mgt. software Sr. Account Executive $100k base; $250k OTE

STATE: NY Securities Trading application development platform Solutions Architect $135k+- base; $180k OTE

STATE: NY Securities Trading application development platform Sales $120k+- base; $250k OTE

STATE: CA Data Storage Cloud Services Sales $135k base; $260k OTE

Xtra Effort’s current client hiring requirements:

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