Xtra Effort client hiring data for 2015 Q1-Q3 Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services personnel; and comparative average BASE salaries from 2014

Below is a link to detail of Xtra Effort 2015 actual placement data for Q1 – Q3, and comparative data from 2014.


It is an easy to read spreadsheet with each placement’s salary, location, title, and employer technology/service offering; allocated across the following categories: Field Sales, Field Sales Leadership, Inside Sales, Demand Generation, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services Leadership.  (please reply if you have difficulty with the link)  



You may find it to be informative to discover what technologies are “hot”, and for purposes of compensation validation or planning.


As a reminder, Xtra Effort’s focus is helping high growth, enterprise scale technology and technology service companies (with exceptions) hire Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services/Customer Care personnel across the larger USA cities.






  • Average salary for field sales role = $123,000 (2014 = $112,000)
  • Average salary for inside sales = $60,000


  • Average salary for Field Sales Leadership roles = $175,000


  • Average salary for Sales Engineers = $123,000


  • Average salary for Demand Generation roles = $50,000


  • Average salary for Professional Service Leadership role = $165,000



Separately, please see Xtra Effort’s candidate portal to see current open client hiring requirements across the USA.

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