Xtra Effort January 2014 client hiring requirement (Sales, PS, & SE’s) detail: compensation, location, travel, & solution offering

The following link illustrates Xtra Effort’s current client hiring requirements.

As a frame of reference, Xtra Effort clients are high growth, small to medium sized, enterprise technology centric companies that engage us on a contingency basis to hire personnel throughout the USA. Roles include Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services.

 This spreadsheet includes each role’s:


    • Compensation

    • Location

    • Job titles

    • Travel requirements

    • Technology/service offerings

    • Company details

    • Hiring criteria

    • Other details


(Please request an emailed version of the spreadsheet if you have difficulty with the link)


The data may help you with your own planning for the new year, or at least provide a comparison.




Uptick in hiring of Professional Services personnel: Our clients are improving their sales execution and developing new customers, hence the need for people to implement new customers … a very good economic indicator


Data is king: We have several clients from the data analytics, Big Data, and business intelligence sectors who are hiring.  Some of these companies provide horizontal “platforms”, while others sell purpose built application software that is largely centered around analytics.  Examples include analytics for workforce management, financial services, or customer service.


Mobile and cloud meet software development: we are seeing an increase in new companies who offer cloud based platforms to more quickly develop and deploy mobile and SaaS applications. Some have greater emphasis on “develop” versus “configure” versus “deploy” versus “secure” versus “scale” versus “maintain”. Our clients often start with a strong niche orientation until they are bought or successfully scale, and then create a more integrated offering.


Infrastructure blurs with software development and business intelligence: as you know, Big Data provides an incredible means to capture and analyze tons of data, but people with Hadoop and Linux skills are required to make it work. Similarly, the cloud provides massive utility and scale, but people with “Dev-Ops” skills are needed to insure the right architecture is in place to achieve these objectives.  The result is Xtra Effort clients’ need for candidates with a tremendous breadth of modern day skills.  We suspect the larger technology brands (not our clients) have enough scale to support the hiring of niche specialists who complement one another, but they may not be as fun and their associates may learn less … 🙂


Xtra Effort’s portal also enables you to search on the same content provided within the spreadsheet


We have prepared a ninety second presentation summarizing Xtra Effort’s service offerings and unique advantages.


Happy New Year and may you have a terrific 2014.

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