It is certainly a topsy turvy world within the high tech sector.

Xtra Effort is frequently asked about our assessment of the pulse of the technology employment market.  The only image that comes to mind is a riptide, where some companies will take you by surprise with aggressive hiring initiatives, while others will announce an unexpected layoff.   A riptide (layoff) can be really scary, but if you stay calm you can return to the shore (satisfying employment).  You may even feel compelled to avoid risk by staying out of water and remain on the figurative beach (avoiding jumping in at all costs), but you may eventually find the beach underneath your feet to be eroding if you don’t look carefully; never mind not experiencing the exhilarating thrills and returns of surfing a wave or two.

The below recent Boston Business Journal periodic “techflash” speaks to this riptide sensation in one page, “Accenture hiring 400 in its Boston innovation center … Kaminario RAISES $218M, expects layoffs due to ‘aligning resources’

Whether you work for a small, big, “growing”, old, or young company … the best thing to do is to stay alert and calm, and always be mindful of opportunities for a fun wave to ride, but also not panic when trouble arises. The employment economy (putting the stock market aside) is still rich with opportunities.