Xtra Effort’s partnership with Nova Consulting Group helps VP’s of Sales with coaching versus “Topgrading” decision

Nova Consulting Group is a partner of Xtra Effort. Steve Awtrey is their Senior Managing Partner. Nova has been successful helping other Xtra Effort clients.
Steve and I were discussing Xtra Effort clients who need to decide when to coach or replace sales team members.
Nova provides a proven, objective, and cost effective approach to helping VP’s of Sales with this evaluation and decision process. The result is a more productive and cohesive sales team.

See Steve’s outline of this service offering below.

Nova Dimensions© Sales Team Assessment. The assessment is evidence-based with each element backed by scientific research.

The four-part assessment consists of the following sections:

1) Self-assessment Survey. This will be completed by each participant via an on-line survey. This section asks the participant to rate themselves on a sliding scale [Disagree (1)- Agree (10)]. We measure 6 areas of performance:
Role Perception
Skill Level
Personal Characteristics
Organizational Environmental Variables

2) Meyers-Briggs Assessment. We use a light version of this personality assessment which will take approximately 20 minutes to complete via an on-line questionnaire. Each participant will be sent their personal results. We would request that the results be forwarded to us for inclusion in the assessment.

3) One to One Interviews: We will conduct the interviews via a video conference service, such as Skype. As with the self-completed survey, we will be measuring the six areas of performance listed above. The interviews will be 20-30 minutes in length.

4) Role Play. During this section, we will observe how the participant interacts with buyers, supervisors and peers. The role plays will be 20-30 minutes in length.

All data collected will be consolidated and used in the final analysis which we will review with the sales leader. We will include a summary of strengths and areas where the participant can improve. We will also include recommendations on how to achieve higher levels of performance for their action.

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