Xtra Effort’s Q1 2016 Client Hiring Summary, Enterprise Technology Software & Services: Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services

Below is a summary of Xtra Effort Q1 2016 client hiring demand, including Xtra Effort’s observations.  We hope it helps you with your planning.

As a reminder, Xtra Effort’s focus is helping high growth, enterprise scale technology and technology service companies hire Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Services/Customer Care personnel across the larger USA cities

About this quarter’s clients and hiring demand

# of clients: 33

# of unique requirements: 76

# of unique technologies & services: 24

# of States represented:            13

Types of Client Software (80% SaaS; 20% On-Premise) & Services

SW = Software

Serv’s = Services


Ø  IT Security & Breach Prevention SW

Ø  IT Service Management SW

Ø  Video Management platform SW

Ø  Property & Casualty Mgt. SW

Ø  eCommerce/Payment SW

Ø  Business Process Management Software

Ø  Real time data analytics SW

Ø  Life Sciences Supply Chain Mgt. SW

Ø  Database Performance Improvement SW



Ø  Field Service Mgt. SW

Ø  Secure content collaboration SW

Ø  Network Infrastructure Mgt. SW

Ø  IT Service Management Services

Ø  Bank Risk Management SW

Ø  Sales Enablement SW

Ø  Mobile Application User Experience Assurance SW

Ø  Web Content Mgt. SW

Ø  Data Ctr. & Network mgt. Integration serv’s

Ø  Open Source Software Component Mgt./Compliance SW

Ø  Employee Assistance SW


Ø  Software Asset Mgt. SW

Ø  Custom Cloud & Mobile Application Development serv’s

Ø  Procurement Mgt. SW

Ø  Software Development Platform



Ø  Compensation structure remains the same across geographies with the exception of San Francisco and NYC

Ø  Local services & technology integration firms have LOWER salaries than product technology companies, but near equivalent On Target Earnings

Ø  National/Global firms have HIGHER salaries than product technology companies, but near equivalent On Target Earnings

Ø  Hiring Demand in the Southeast is up

Ø  Hiring Demand in Texas is down

Ø  Software to help enterprise IT better service its stakeholders (users, external customers) is hot

Ø  Software to help recognize and reduce risk, of any kinds, is hot

Ø  Software to increase enterprise user productivity continues to be hot

Ø  Companies that sell & implement IT hardware are suffering unless they also provide Cloud IT Infrastructure Consultation and Managed Services

Ø  Software field sales roles often still pay $120k – $130k base, but there are not infrequent exceptions of up to $140k base salary (and up to $150k, outside of XE’s current clients)

Ø  “Experienced” Inside Sales people with 3 – 5 years of experience are demanding and getting salaries of $70k, $60k is no longer the norm; the exceptions are start-ups with enough $, momentum, and leadership talent to create their own college hiring and training programs with credible inside career path programs, i.e., produce or qualify leads>further qualify>close deals>lead other qualifiers or lead other closers

Ø  Hybrid Inside/field sales roles are getting more popular; with $75k – $100k base, and 80% of the sales cycle being virtual

Ø  Companies whose ACTUAL candidate evaluation cycles > 4 weeks lose their top choices

Ø  If you live in NY or San Francisco, are 24 – 40 years of age,  and are college educated & articulate, employers may make you feel like Superman or Superwoman; particularly if you actually sold anything, have reasonable career stability, and have real relationships with financial service company executives (can Xtra Effort get sued for saying that?)

Ø  While we are being honest, employers who evaluate the energy level, recent track record for hunting new accounts, adaptability and mental agility of candidates with 20 – 35 years of experience may find a lot of overlooked/under-appreciated talent in the market



Compensation (leadership roles data omitted)

Sales On Target Earnings are typically 2x base salary

Sales Engineering On Target Earnings are typically 1.3x base salary

Professional Services On Target Earnings are typically 1.1x base salary


Average Field Sales Salary = $108,000

Top Field Sales Salary = $140,000

Bottom Field Sales Salary = $80,000


Average Inside Sales Salary = $63,750

Top Inside Sales Salary = $71,000

Bottom Inside Sales Salary = $50,000


Average Sales Engineer Salary = $112,000

Top Sales Engineer Salary = $150,000

Bottom Sales Engineer Salary = $65,000 (inside)


Average Professional Services Salary = $120,000

Top Professional Services Salary = $130,000

Bottom Professional Services Salary = $110,000






























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