Year-to-date Xtra Effort client hiring requirement detail for enterprise Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Service roles

Below is a link with access to year-to-date Xtra Effort client hiring requirement detail for enterprise Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Service roles.

 The link includes details on each client hiring requirement’s:

  • Location
  • Job titles
  • Travel requirements
  • Technology/service offerings
  • Compensation

 The data may help you with your own planning, or at least provide a comparison.

 {As a frame of reference, Xtra Effort clients are high growth, small to medium sized, enterprise technology centric companies that engage us on a contingency basis to hire personnel throughout the USA.}



  •  Compensation is increasing, but not drastically.  Equity is gaining more traction as a credible incentive to join a company.
  • Big Data, Analytic, and Business Intelligence software companies are experiencing considerable growth and are hiring. Some are powerful platforms with no specific functional/industry use cases, others are purpose-built for employee productivity, marketing effectiveness, enterprise security, supply chain, and customer retention.
  • Mobile computing companies are proliferating and hiring. Each with its own niche related to security, application development, deployment, file sharing, etc.
  • “SaaS” unto itself is a less of a novel attraction for candidates and is almost the defacto means to deliver business application software.   We suspect candidates will look at mobile in a similar fashion in a couple of years.
  • Employers are beginning to be less sensitive to a remote candidate’s specific location, as long as they are near a hub and/or willing to travel, and can bring relationships or strong domain expertise
  •  Observation of a more timeless trend: Some candidates won’t consider employment with consulting firms and value add technology resellers because they don’t have equity, have less accelerated growth, and are not responsible for introducing the most newest technology  …
  •  …. While other candidates prefer employment with consulting firms because quality relationships and solution delivery create stability in careers and income, outweighing the risk of joining technology companies with unfavorable outcomes for reasons outside of their control (funding, market timing, board issues, etc.), and resulting in new employment every two years.

     Stability/consistency versus excitement/risk.



Please request an emailed version of the spreadsheet if you have difficulty with the link. 


Xtra Effort’s portal illustrates client requirements not yet filled.


Thank you.  Hope your summer was fun.


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