12 months of compensation data among Small > Medium sized, high growth technology companies’ Sales, Sales Engineering, and PS/CSM personnel

Xtra Effort thought you may benefit from learning the compensation of recent Sales, CSM, PS, and Sales Engineering hires across Xtra Effort’s high growth technology product and service firms.
The data may help you validate your own expectations for compensation. It is comprised of Xtra Effort’s last 40 client hires and includes candidate regiontitle, and tenure; and the nature of each client’s technology/service offering.
CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DATA. IT IS ON A SPREADSHEET. The compensation includes base salaries only. However, as a general rule, the On Target Earnings are almost always 2x the Salary for Sales personnel, and 1.1 to 1.3 x Salary for Sales Engineering, CSM, and PS roles.
Quotas are typically $600k to $1m for inside sales, and $1m to $1.5m for field sales ($2m+ quotas not uncommon, particularly for roles with established clients to “farm”, employers with more established brand names, and/or $500k+ total contract values).
Xtra Effort observations:
  • Average Business Development  (sale development/demand generation) salary: $51,500
  • Average Business Development (sale development/demand generation) Leader salary: $95,000
  • Average Field Sales Salary: $135,000
  • Average Inside Sales Salary: $74,000
  • Average Hybrid Inside/Field Sales Salary: $101,000
  • Average Sales Engineer Salary: $146,000
  • Candidate years of experience impacts compensation amount more than location
  • Candidate years of experience has diminishing impact on compensation amount after 8 years of professional experience

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