A revisit to a previous but critical post for candidates, re: “The importance of a thank you note”

We all know candidates need to send thank you notes after every interview.

Thank you notes reinforce your interest, differentiates you from competitive candidates, shows professionalism, gives the employer a favorable glimpse as to how you operate, and provides a vehicle to drive home why you are a fit.

Of course, you don’t HAVE TO send thank you notes, just be aware your competitive candidates are sending them. If that does not motivate you to send one, perhaps you should not be interviewing for the position.

The good news is that it is easy to create an effective thank you note.

Your thank you note should lead with you thanking the hiring manager for his time, and should express WHY you are enthusiastic about the company and role.

Thereafter it should include a summary of the hiring manager’s criteria for the role and how your experience and skills align.

Lastly, it should express your enthusiasm and appreciation for the remaining steps in the evaluation process, and encourage him/her to contact you with any questions.

An example is below. It includes four critical elements:

  • Appreciation for his/her time
  • Enthusiasm with some specificity
  • Awareness of his hiring criteria and a reminder of how you align
  • An invitation to contact you



Thank you for the time to discuss XYZ and the Account Executive role. XYZ’s unique ability to help its customers identify their best prospects and most relevant solution offerings in a timely manner is exciting. I am motivated to apply my skills as a proven hunter to help XYZ develop new clients in the MidAtlantic territory.

Below is my understanding of your criteria for the role and how I align.

I welcome the opportunity to meet you and the team in person.

Please contact me if you have any questions.



Criteria Relevant experiences and skills
Domain knowledge in the B2B marketing segment 5+ years of selling enterprise scale email marketing solutions to the enterprise B2B marketing function. An example is a $250k deal to The Bank of NY.
Consistent quota achievement Have reached quota 5 of the past 7 years
Experience selling deals with a $50k to $200k price point The average deal size at ABC was $135k, and $220k at MKS
Start-up experience ABC and MKS were both start-up requiring me to create brand awareness with prospects and to create budget and project initiatives for previously unknown solution concepts
etc, etc


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