2014 YTD Compensation and Turnover Explanation Data For Enterprise Software Co. Hiring Managers

Hiring managers may find this LINK to be helpful when deciding on compensation for their hiring requirements.

The spreadsheet provides detail behind a large sampling of Xtra Effort’s 2014 client hiring requirements; including Sales, Sales Engineering, and Professional Service career positions across small to medium sized, high growth enterprise technology centric companies.

The document includes each requirement’s solution offering, title, compensation mix, travel requirements, and location.


  •  With increasing frequency, candidates are informing us they are being contacted by multiple recruiters with many career choices

    • There is an uptick in occurrences of candidates changing their minds subsequent to accepting employment offers because of counter offers from their existing employer or other courting employers. THIS IS A MINORITY OF THE TIME, but may be reduced with increased communication (i.e., updates and positive developments) from the employer to candidate after an offer is accepted and before the start date.


Reasons the last fourteen Xtra Effort placements left their previous employers. ($ and Reduction-in-Forces are not the majority reasons. More frequent 2 way employer-to-employee communications could help prevent turnover):


  1. Employer acquired, wanted to return to a smaller company that is more nimble (3)

  2. Reduce commute

  3. Greater earnings; Increased responsibility without an increase compensation

  4. Change in management, new unexplained expectations

  5. Wanted greater responsibility and customer interaction

  6. Saturation of territories, too many sales people assigned to insufficient opportunity

  7. Reduction in Force (2)

  8. Asked to perform more with less resources

  9. Desire to sell or service a greater diversity of industries, not be limited to one niche market segment

  10. Imminent merger, not sure of implications to position

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