Boston based Java Developers who want a Sales Engineering or Professional Services career required

Xtra Effort is working with several enterprise technology companies in Boston that provide web content management and mobile software development technologies.

These Xtra Effort clients are in need of Java developers with the capability and interest to assist sales in scoping an enterprise needs, identifying and presenting solutions based on the enterprise technology, and then hand off to the PS/Delivery teams for solution configuration/implementation thereafter. They are NOT formally accountable to prospect, persuade, or close.

The candidates need to have enough development chops to be credible talking with CTO’s and to perform POC’s with Java scripting, etc. However, they also need to have the personality, competitive drive, and motivation for greater compensation to transition into this more business oriented role.

If these “Sales Engineer” roles are too much of a stretch, these same clients also have need for professional services people with similar attributes. The PS role is responsible for a new client’s technical onboarding and integration.  It often requires more coding (for purposes of integration, not product development), longer periods of time with fewer clients (than the sales engineer), and the desire to “own” the client’s satisfaction.

In other words, these positions are fantastic for people who get stir crazy coding all day; and instead have a need to be more involved with people, and perform problem solving exercises at a higher level (where business/organizational drivers, people, personalities, $, and other factors are part of the equation) … while also staying involved in the technology. They also need to be fairly empathetic, can listen, and speak in a coherent and efficient manner.

As you may recall, Xtra Effort has a $500 Gift Certificate program, where the referring professional receives a $500 Gift certificate for every candidate hired by our client within 12 months from the introduction.

Can you think of anyone among your current or previous circles who may be a fit?

Thank you.


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