Charlie Taverna and Stan Pannell each receive $500 gift certificates for referring high quality candidates to Xtra Effort

Xtra Effort wants to thank Charlie Taverna and Stan Pannell for referring quality candidates to Xtra Effort.

One Xtra Effort client needed to hire a sales executive with extensive enterprise content and business process management experience.  Charlie Taverna recommended the perfect candidate with eight years of experience identifying and closing new Fortune 1000 accounts while selling ECM and BPM technologies.

Our other client requested a professional experienced in developing and managing very large insurance customers, while also having comprehensive knowledge of risk management. Stan Pannell stepped up and introduced a candidate with these attributes, along with an MBA and extensive career stability.

Quality referrals are always the most rewarding means to generate suitable candidates for our clients.  Xtra Effort is therefore quite pleased to issue these gift certificates. Thank you Charlie and Stan.

Rosemarie Amodeo must also be recognized as the Xtra Effort associated responsible for these candidates and clients’ satisfaction. Thank you Rosemarie.

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