Candidates who talk TOO much. LESS IS MORE.

As of late Xtra Effort has been speaking with candidates who are articulate, have great business acumen, and integrity.   Yet, regardless of the economy (good or bad), they will have a difficult time getting or keeping good career opportunities.

Why? It is amazing how much they speak without any sensitivity for the listener’s questions, timeframes, or interest. It is hard to believe they are grown, college educated,  and professionally trained adults.

Lesson to all: LESS IS MORE!

State your point in 1 – 4 sentences, perhaps provide a quick example and PAUSE – the listener will then ask for more detail or change the subject.  You want them to be informed and not bored or distracted.  Your ability to keep their attention and address THEIR information needs is more important than your unwanted detail.

It is never too late to change your behavior. I hope you know who you are.   This positive change will favorably improve your career opportunities.

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