Xtra Effort’s new recruiting web site & XERD utility for candidates and clients

Xtra Effort updated its web site – www.xtraeffort.com –  to make it easier for candidates and clients to navigate.  Candidates can easily identify open positions with a variety of search/sort capabilities, and apply to any position online.

The XERD helps our clients better inform candidates what makes their company and the specific career opportunity attractive. It also provides an explanation of our client’s technology or services, and a no nonsense listing of the required candidate attributes and experiences to be considered suitable for the position.

Candidates can request a XERD for any open posted position.

Below is an example of a XERD.

Solution: Xtra Effort’s client develops and sells technology that reduces cost and improves data security associated with data disaster recovery.

High Level Overview of why the opportunity is desirable: Their technology is “one of a kind” with no competition; they are very well funded, and have top leadership talent.

They recently announced a major partnership with one of the largest and best recognized data storage companies in the world – a market “guerrilla”.   The next few weeks will feature a US road show with their client executive team and this new partner. (Another globally recognized partner is scheduled for 2011.)

Their go to market strategy is to piggy back on the distribution and relationship power of this new partner.

Hiring Requirement and role: They need to hire a Northeast, DC, or Dallas based senior sales executive (individual contributor) who will work with their new partner’s sales organization to identify leads and close business throughout the US.  Their partner will actually fulfill the order, for their technology is tightly integrated. 

The nuts and bolts of what is makes a suitable candidate (cutting out “high energy, self motivated, team player, can prospect and close business, understands enterprise software” … we can read a job description for that)  
– direct sales experience,
– channel sales experience/skills,
– start-up success (ideally representing a foreign company),
– considerable data storage experience and knowledge (their presales support will come from CTO and product mgr. visits from overseas (hence candidates need to be fiercely independent, knowledgeable, and resourceful). 2011 may include a US based Sales Engineer.

The role’s compensation for 2010 is $120k base salary, $180k +-  on target earnings, plus equity.
2010 quota is 2 – 3 new customers at $150 – $200k per unit. (product is new to market)
2011 quota will be 8 – 12 new customers, with on target earnings to be decided, but $275k +- is probable.

Market status/momentum: They currently have their first new customer, a large Italian bank, scheduled for an August/September implementation. They have sales people in Israel (1.5 years with the company), Africa (in process), the UK (two), and France (in process).
Explanation of  relevant business and market conditions that justify the solution offering: Most Fortune 1000 companies replicate their data to another data center. It is part of their disaster recovery plan. If the weather is bad and causes disruption to their data center, they can have their secondary data center go live.

Enterprises move their data to data centers in one of two “topologies”, synchronous and asynchronous.

1) Synchronous: a real time connection to a remote data center. Benefit: constantly updated  and available data in case of disaster. Weakness: a) excessive network costs to communicate in real time fashion b) the greater the distance, i.e., more than 60 miles,  the greater the cost and performance impact

2) Asynchronous: periodic updates to a remote data center. Benefit: less communication and network expense. Weakness: enterprises risk losing the data that is scheduled to move but has to be transmitted.

Xtra Effort’s client solution:  a technology that easily and inexpensively captures data that has yet to be transmitted to a remote data center with a asynchronous topology, significantly reducing costs associated with WAN, WAN failures, and secondary data centers 

Their device enables the data to be SAFELY AND SECURELY protected via it’s black box principals, similar to captured data in an aircraft’s Flightbox recorder. The device is 100% immune from fire, water, chemicals, etc.

Recap of why the opportunity is compelling:

1) Selling a solution with “Off the charts” Return on Investment
2) Partnership with market guerilla
3) Having the whole US as initial market
4) The visibility and recognition associated with being the first person to develop their biggest market
5) Equity and earnings potential
6) Realistic targets
7) Accomplished executive team

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