Considerations for careers and recruiting in enterprise “Mobile Computing”

Candidates interested in enterprise “mobile computing” careers should focus on the true subject matter experience most sought after among enterprise mobile computing technology vendors.  The required experience may not actually be “mobile computing”.

“Mobile computing” with quotes is a facetious way to infer that this discipline should not always be considered such a distinct category of skills and knowledge, especially for Sales, Sales Engineering, and some Professional Service positions (as compared to engineering positions, where the learning curve is more challenging and time-intensive).

Mobile computing challenges facing technology companies and enterprises frequently evolve around security, analytics, content management, business process, social media, and integration. A candidate with domain expertise in these areas will often be considered desirable among employers, but it’s the candidate’s responsibility to identify needs beyond “mobile computing” and show alignment with past experience. It is critical to make the alignment obvious, especially when working with recruiters or human resource managers who may limit their initial screen to seeing “mobile computing” on a resume.

Employers seeking candidates with mobile computing experience may also want to review an open position’s most prevalent and difficult attributes, and see if candidates with related skill sets would make for a quality hire. This is becoming particularly true as mobile computing continues to grow and the labor market tightens.

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