current Xtra Effort client hiring data: enterprise technology sales, sales engineering, and implementation roles; Xtra Effort is hiring a recruiter

Xtra Effort assumes many of you are immersed in reaching your personal sales objectives or implementing sold solutions. Others may be three quarters heads-down and one quarter looking what is on the 2013 horizon.

Regardless of your current circumstance, you may find this LINK to be informative. It is a spreadsheet with Xtra Effort’s current client hiring requirements, including:

1) Role

2) Compensation

3) Location

4) Technology

5) Travel

6) Transaction size

Xtra Effort clients are high growth, enterprise technology and service solution companies.

Companies in the Big Data market segment seem to represent the most hiring, but trends related to marketing effectivenesscompliance, social media, mobile computing, systems and organizational productivity are what is driving its growth.  Cloud computing and SaaS are also popular, and the IT security sector has been consistent in its hiring.

We encourage you to share your current career status with us.

Please let us know if you can’t access the file, we can email it you.

Lastly, Xtra Effort’s client growth requires us to hire an associate who is experienced in contingency based recruiting or inside sales within the technology sector. The position is located at our Westford office. We would appreciate you informing suitable acquaintances of this career opportunity. Let’s help insure the cobbler’s kids have shoes 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving.

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