Xtra Effort’s recent enterprise software client hiring requirement data: locations, compensation, technology, etc.

This link provides access to Xtra Effort’s client hiring requirements for the past five months. It includes roles, compensation, locations, quotas, travel requirements, deal size, and technology/service offerings. You may find it to be helpful for your 2013 planning.

The report verifies that Big Data is hot. Some of our clients truly qualify as Big Data companies, but more important is the growth of companies selling (and buying) Analytic solutions. You may interested in the types of problems being solved with it.

Analytic solutions are being offered in relation to data center server optimization, desktop computing and application delivery, risk management, marketing, workforce optimization, human resources, and finance. More clients are offering purpose built analytic applications for a particular function or industry.

Similarly, as “Cloud computing” matures, our clients provide solutions that are less about generic enabling of cloud computing, and more specific solutions for cloud security, performance, and optimization. We similar circumstances within Mobile computing.

SaaS solutions have made it more difficult to articulate our client’s median deal size  because their customers will make an initial commitment, but the deal will then expand via more divisions, subscription commitment over a greater period of time, or functionality. A better way to express it may be “average first year client sales revenue”, versus “deal size.” 

Sales Engineers remain the most challenging candidates for our clients to hire. One reason is smaller and younger enterprise technology companies often require their Sales Engineers to have hands-on technical skills, and top notch charisma and sales acumen.  More mature technology companies have more people to share the technical proof versus sales load.

Travel requirements have lessened due to the convenience of SaaS solution selling (vendor), evaluation (enterprise), and implementation (vendor/enterprise). However there are ample exceptions, particularly with the heavy upfront work to sell-evaluate-configure an analytic solution with any real favorable impact. 

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