Below is a link to Xtra Effort’s client hiring needs as of July 2015.   It’s in a spreadsheet format.

As a reminder,  Xtra Effort clients are high growth, enterprise scale technology companies (products and services) that hire Sales, Sales Engineers, and Professional Services personnel throughout the USA’s major hubs.

The spreadsheet contains URLs to each client’s hiring requirement; including compensation, criteria, company information, and solution detail.   You will see detail that can only be available as result of Xtra Effort’s quality relationships with clients, most often with hiring managers.

You may want to apply where you see solid alignment between your experience and the stated client criteria.  Xtra Effort will review and follow up where there is reasonable alignment. 

Xtra Effort only introduces candidates to clients after we talk with candidates and gain agreement on fit and interest.  Candidates have informed us the result is often a higher % of interviews, and more timely and informative client feedback.

 Common solution offerings among Xtra Effort clients at this time include:


  • Enterprise IT security
  • Data Analytics: marketing, compliance, IT, security
  • IT Service Management
  • Customer Experience
  • Compliance
  • Mobile Application Development


Most common roles required as of July 2015 (frequently changes):


  • Field Sales
  • Demand Generation personnel
  • Customer Success Personnel
  • Inside Sales



 (Please request an emailed version of the spreadsheet if you have difficulty with the link.)

  You may also find Xtra Effort’s recent blog item on the six most recently hired Xtra Effort candidatesmotivation for change, role, location, and compensation change.

 Lastly, Xtra Effort’s $500 Candidate Referral Program continues to benefit several stakeholders.


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