Our Pressure valve

Despite the improving economic conditions, tensions can still be high among employers and candidates because of considerable pressure to reach objectives. .

Hiring managers are busy trying to reach their quarterly objectives while also being super cautious in making sure they see as many qualified candidates as possible for their hiring needs, and also applying exhaustive techniques to insure suitability and retention.

Candidates who are not currently employed need to efficiently discover which employers are truly interested in their candidacy, and dismiss the rest.  They also need to take seriously each and every possible offer, while hoping to identify and land a position that truly represents their career interests – not just a job.  This population is patiently but yet assertively trying to persuade hiring managers and recruiters of the relevance of their past experience to hiring specifications, despite it not seeming like an exact fit at initial glance.

Candidates who are currently employed don’t want to risk their cherished steady paycheck and fulfill all requested tasks, despite  what appears to be excessive company expectations and possible lack of career satisfaction. They are cautious and discreet in trying to evaluate more desirable employment opportunities, without compromising their current productivity.

The commonality among the three unique profiles is PRESSURE that can be occassionaly be released in a manner that only causes regret and damaged relationships.  

At Xtra Effort we are trying to recognize this condition across our stakeholders – and apologize if we trigger a pressure value to blow by being in the middle of this zaney ecosystem and not being sufficiently empathetic with our communication. 

 …. On a lighter note,  offerings from the Cloud continue to grow…

Xtra Effort has two new clients that are expanding their legacy solution offerings with new Cloud based services.  They both need new sales personnel, a Sales Manager and an individual contributor .

One is the in the network management and monitoring business: click and enter 1038 for details

The other provides a SaaS to Service Desk Management solution: click and enter 1039 for for details

Both hiring requirements represent expansion hires due to innovation and growth projections, as opposed to replacement hires with the same old products. Some good news and a reason to smile.

We welcome your sentiments on both topics.

Have a great week.

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