Xtra Effort’s last 11 placements: Salary, location, role, solution, & tenure

Clients and candidates often inquire about the type of hiring initiatives Xtra Effort is seeing.  The second best answer is our clients’ immediate hiring intentions . Click here and then “Search” for a current listing.

However, the best answer is the data behind actual recent placements.   Below is a summary of Xtra Effort client hiring activity for the past four months.  We suspect you will find it to be informative relative to:

1) What technologies are “hot”

2) What roles in select geographies are earning, with consideration for tenure *

Please publicly respond with questions or comment . Our collective community dialog has greater value than Xtra Effort’s feedback alone.  

*This is a byproduct of Xtra Effort’s focus: helping small to medium size, technology centric, enterprise solution companies hire Sales, Sales Engineers, and Professional Services.  It is therefore only  a data point to the “big picture”.

Your thoughts?


Position Location Solution Tenure (years  since college graduation) Compensation: Salary & On Target Earnings (“OTE”)
Sales Northeast Supply chain/Mfg SW 20 years $125k;  $250k OTE
Sales Northeast Risk Analytics for P&C Insurance industry 17 years $100k; $250k OTE
Sales Engineer Midwest GIS solutions for P&C Ins. Industry (SaaS) 14 years $85k; $130k OTE
Sales Northeast Compliance solutions for Health Ins./Payer industry 22 years $125k; $250k OTE
Professional Services; Implementation Consultant/PM Northeast Marketing Automation Software (SaaS) 14 years $100k; $110k OTE
Inside Sales Northeast Software Development tools 14 years $65; $130k OTE
Sales Engineer West Coast Data Storage (Cloud) 24 years $135k; $175k  OTE
Sales Midwest Application and data Integration software 22 years $100k ; $215k OTE
Sales Midwest Data Storage (cloud) 16 years $105k; $225k OTE
Sales West Coast Audit disbursement security; Compliance 20 years $125k; $250k OTE
Sales Engineer West Coast People transportation mgt. solutions (SaaS) 13 years $84k; $135k OTE

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