Question: “Why was the candidate rejected?” Answer: “Because his motivation did not include any excitement about US”

Xtra Effort recently had a few different clients reject qualified candidates because the candidates did not include any enthusiasm for the employer.

The client hiring manager or internal recruiter would ask the candidate, “What is motivating you to want to speak to us today?”  The candidates would then talk about escaping an unfavorable status with their current employer.  The interviewer is looking for answers to include a thoughtful answer about how the employer’s culture, technology, and role are compelling to their background and interests.

Some candidates also overlooked the importance of sending a timely thank you note.

Seems like pretty simply stuff, huh?

If you decide to invest the time to interview,  be sure to remember to commit to these little obvious items. You are more likely to be advanced and not have regrets for not being prepared and having good follow up.




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