Today, I received this reply from a potential candidate. I am not sure if I should feel like a pain in the neck and/or a recruiting savant.  As long as there is strong alignment between his background and the Xtra Effort client need, I can feel good about the process … and hopefully the outcome.

Could this be a good lesson for enterprise sales teams too?


Congrats, you received a reply to your InMail! We’re crediting one InMail back to your account.

“John Smith” (changed to protect the innocent) has accepted your request.

Title: RE: could not reach you at XYZ (changed to protect the innocent) via phone

Mark – OK, in the face of relentless pursuit, I give in. No harm in learning more.

Please give me a call on 212 201- 1212. Please advise on number you are calling from, else I will likely not pick up.



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