Restaurants, the circus, the mall,and David Gergen

Another naive observation: have you noticed the increased attendance at restaurants and the mall? We were also at the circus over the weekend: there were a whole lot of people buying $4 popcorn. I know there are bigger GDP indicators than mall parking lots, restaurant waits, and circus popcorn – but it makes you wonder, could things be opening up, at least a little bit?

Separately, I saw David Gergen speak at a Umass alumni breakfast gathering. Among his many impressive comments:

1) Don’t select people (political or employment) for having the least red flags or weaknesses, but instead for how their dominant strengths align with your needs. Dominant strength alignment is a greater predictor of success than weakness avoidance.

2) Today’s younger workers respond better to frequent and candid communications (and feedback) than a centralized command and control culture

Both of these comments struck me as insightful.

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