How did you discover your new job?

Candidates –and sometimes hiring managers – frequently ask Xtra Effort “what is going on out there?”.

We sometimes answer with detail about the types of clients hiring and what they are looking for in candidates. Other times we simply say things are slowly improving. We are not quite sure what the inquirer REALLY wants to know, i.e., “are things improving and am I going to be OK?” or a polite way of asking “what specific jobs align with my background?”.

An Xtra Effort service that may be of additional value would to have more specific answers about how and where candidates recently discovered their new jobs:

1) Through a recruiter, previous co-worker, friend, etc.?

2) Was the position budgeted an established, or was it as a result of the candidate’s unique strengths and how they aligned with a company’s current situation?

3) Was the position a replacement or expansion position?

4) Why the candidate was chosen instead of the #2 candidate?

5) The size of the employer, and what they make and sell?

I think you would agree this content could be of value. Xtra Effort will do our best to ask these questions and post the answers, but YOU can immediately help by POSTING YOUR COMMENTS (anonymous is fine).

Can you help us help you?



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